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It’s graduation season, which is a good time for people in their early 20s to start thinking about how to get a better handle on their finances. How do you balance paying off student debt with saving for the future? Should you move back in with your parents to save on rent? What’s the best way to create a proper budget?

Very few people have their finances perfectly in order while figuring out their lives and careers in their 20s. We want to help you get started.

We’ve put together a five-day financial boot camp for people in their 20s to get them thinking about jobs, budgeting, saving and tackling debt.

Starting on May 13, 2024, Ron Lieber, a financial columnist; Tara Siegel Bernard, a consumer finance reporter; and Mike Dang, a personal finance editor, will help guide you on the best practices for getting your finances in order.By the end of the week, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of your money and what you’ll need to do to create a solid financial future for yourself.

How to get started

Sign up for the Your Money newsletter. Whether you’re a young person thinking about your money, know a young person who could benefit from this boot camp or simply want to follow along, you can subscribe by using the link below.

What you’ll get

Every day, for five days, you’ll receive advice, explainers and exercises on how to think about taking advantage of job benefits, creating a budget, paying off debt and thinking about your future.

When the boot camp ends, you will receive the Your Money newsletter, which features stories and advice to help you better grasp your finances, delivered to your inbox every Monday.

If you already receive the Your Money newsletter, you will automatically get the challenge, and will not see a way to sign up above. You can find out which newsletters you are signed up for here.

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